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We are starting to recruit for a new project #Welcome!

Have you come to Poland and are looking for your professional path? Or maybe you are Polish and want to go back to work, even after a long break? Do you want to prepare for an effective job search and improve your language skills? We invite you to #Welcome! You will receive professional mentoring support and experience the girl power. Learn the details and apply today! We are currently recruiting for the Wroclaw edition.

project Welcome

„Welcome!” means welcome to the new project

The last 11 years of our portal’s activity is a real support for Polish women, mothers who focus on their professional and personal development. For many months we have been helping women who came to Poland from Ukraine when war broke out in their homeland. We work for women, simply put. Empowerment and proficiency is important to us, we don’t look at nationality. We want to give space for development to those women who are looking for a new career path for themselves.

Is the „Welcome!” project for me?

Yes, if…

  • you are a Polish citizen and want to return to work after maternity (or parental) leave or want a professional change,
  • you are a citizen of Ukraine and came to Poland due to the war conflict in Ukraine (you crossed the Polish border after 24.02.2022), you are legally residing in Poland,
  • you are ready to look for and take up a permanent job,
  • you are ready for action, open to change and motivated to learn,
  • you have the basic competencies to enter the labor market,
  • you are a woman focused on integration, exchange of experiences, sharing and mutual support.

What will you participate in?

We have a free, four-month support program for you.

As part of the project, you can expect:

  • participation in a workshop and integration meeting
  • professional mentoring with specialists in the field of HR, labor law, profile on LinkedIn (online and offline) + in one Warsaw edition – in the field of setting up and running your own business
  • access to an English language course (48 hours, from A2 level) – the course will be held online, in groups of max. 10 persons
  • support from other women and space to exchange experiences – after the project’s inaugural meeting, you will receive an invitation from our local coordinator to a Facebook group moderated by female experts.

Welcome! Łączy nas wspólny cel. Zapraszamy do nowego projektu

Welcome! Нас об’єднує спільна мета. Ласкаво просимо до нового проекту!

Welcome grafika projektu rekrutacja we Wrocławiu

We are currently recruiting for the Warsaw edition. Fill out the form and apply today!

Sent? That’s where your task ends – now it’s our turn 🙂 After you submit your online application, we will review your form and if we think we meet your needs, we will invite you to participate. So that you regularly check your email inbox (including the spam/other folder).

We are conducting project activities in four cities in Poland (5 editions):

  • Krakow – from October 2022 to the end of January 2023 (recruitment completed)
  • Warsaw – the first edition from November 2022 to the end of February 2023 (RECRUITMENT CONTINUES), the second edition (concerning business activities) from January to April 2023
  • Wrocław – from December 2022 to the end of March 2023
  • and Olsztyn – from January to April 2023.

Don’t forget to read the regulations and contract! (attached).

I am interested in the project and register my participation! We are currently recruiting for the WROCLAW edition.


At what times will the project meetings be held?
The kick-off meeting will be held from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, meetings in groups – we will try to get feedback from the female participants and match it with the time capacities of the instructor. Similarly with the English language.

I have children – will I be able to come with them?
Yes. At offline meetings (introduction and one mentoring meeting) we provide support of professional animators.

Is there a fee to participate in the project?
No. Participation in the project is free of charge. We assume that the support lasts about 4 months.

Do I have to be in a specific age range to participate in the project?
No. You must be of legal age. For us it doesn’t matter if you are 25, 35, 45 or older. For us, the most important thing is your motivation to work and your desire to develop. Age is not a factor in recruitment.

Will all activities take place online?
No, but most will, so we ask that you make sure you have a working internet connection, a working microphone and a webcam on your computer, tablet or phone.

Will I get a message about qualifying / not qualifying for the project?
Yes, regardless of the outcome of the recruitment, you will get a message from us.

Will the project be implemented only in Krakow?
No. We will carry out project activities in four cities in Poland: in Krakow, Warsaw, Wroclaw and Olsztyn. More details about activities in specific cities will be available soon on the project website:

Can I participate in English classes if I have never studied it before?
English will be provided in the project for female participants who know it at a minimum A2 level (basic, communicative).

What if I don’t know my English level?
Don’t worry – the project assumes an English language test – we will help you determine the level you are at.

Does it matter where I live?
In principle, no, although attendance at all project activities is mandatory, and some activities take place stationary. So we strongly recommend that you choose the location closest to your home.

If you more have questions, please write boldly to Agnieszka: [email protected]

The project „Welcome! Professional support for Polish and Ukrainian Women Program” is implemented with the support of Citi Foundation and Kronenberg Foundation. Thank you!

See you there? If yes, then fill out the form!

Grafika: Magda Leraczyk


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