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Mamo Pracuj – community helping mums to get back to work

The Mamo Pracuj (Mummy work, if you want to) Foundation works to solve problems of women returning to the labour market after maternity, parental and childcare leaves. As well as all challenges related to combining family and professional life. From the very beginning of our operations we assumed that one of the most important elements of our activity is the cooperation with employers who want to find the best employees for their teams among women and mothers.

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Mamo Pracuj – who we are and what we do

[Edit August 2020]

Due to the coronavirus pandemic we have translated for you 3 useful texts, which may be helpful in the nearest days:

Courses, mentoring and funds – empowering women in business in XXI century

How to recharge our Inner Batteries? Not only during COVID-19 times

7 rules for remote work with children on board!

Children at home: hot to organise their time and be able to work remotely?

How to work at home with a child?

The portal

Since 2011 we have been running a nationwide portal, we organise webinars, video broadcasts, online courses, podcasts using the latest contemporary tools to reach Polish mothers around the world.

The portal brings together mainly women [80% of Readers] (not only mothers) looking for a job with employers who know that a good employee is a happy employee and who support their employees in maintaining work-life-balance. We promote those employers who introduce solutions conducive to combining family life with professional work.

We educate and inform about flexible forms of employment (including remote work); we suggest how to look for a job and how to talk to a potential employer. We support women in developing their own businesses and seeking out financial independence.

Campaigns and research

We implement social campaigns (online and offline), projects and carry out our own research (the first study was entitled: “Do mothers want to work?” (2012), “What kind of a job does a mother dream of?” (2015), and we have developed a list of 7 top factors facilitating a mother’s employment).

Online course

We have created an online course “Mamo Pracuj” (Mom if you want to work, just go for it!), whose 3 editions we implemented in 2018. It teaches women how to look for a job in a new labour market using social media and the Internet.

The Odważ się Mamo Project

Odważ się Mamo (Mummy just go for it!) is the project of individual support for 44 women from Krakow. We supplied them with self-confidence building workshops and trainings aimed to strenghten the competences necessary for active job seeking. The project has started in 2019 and has been supported by the State Street Bank donation.

Cooperation with Employers

From the very beginning of our operations we assumed that one of the most important elements of our activity is the cooperation with employers who want to find the best employees for their teams among women and mothers.

We conducted the first employer branding and recruitment campaign for employers in 2015. Since then, we have been continuously implementing campaigns in cooperation with well-known and valued brands of employers from all over Poland.

Offered services

Services related to the implementation of employer branding and recruitment campaigns as well as consulting and training services for companies:

Employer branding campaigns

Campaigns planned to be carried out for several months, supporting image development of a parent-friendly employer. Such a campaign consists of a number of activities, depending on the needs, expectations and results the employer is interested in. It may include such elements as: articles, interviews, organisation of employer’s Open Days, other meetings, workshops, webinars, live transmissions, e-books prepared and distributed by the editorial office, publication of job offers in the job offers section, a profile in the Employers’ Database, involvement in social media.

open day for mums organized by Mamo Pracuj Foundation with cooperation of Accenture
Open Day for Mums

Recruitment campaigns

With the application of the above-mentioned elements.

Job offers

Publication of job offers in the job offers section of the portal.


Consultations for employers – individual consultations for employers introducing parent-friendly solutions.

Parent-Friendly Employer Database

Running the Parent-Friendly Employer Database and a short research enabling a given employer to enter the Database.

Mentoring programmes

In February 2020 we launched mentoring programme Mother Empower with cooperation with Bosch Poland.


Organisation of meetings/actions/events in cooperation with employers – recruitment support for such an event.


The joint campaign with one of the companies was awarded the main prize in the competition for the best off-line employer branding campaign in 2019 (Employer Banding Excellence Awards competition)

Business context

Our services are focused on projects in the field of Employer Branding and recruitment. As a second step we plan to implement new programmes and services in the field of Corporate Family Responsibility.

Companies interested in benefiting from our services are those that incorporate the value of Diversity & Inclusion into their operations. The number of these companies increases year by year. A strong upward trend related to equal opportunities for women in the labour market and equal pay is also significant.


Our efforts are also part of the project #MamoPracujwIT (Mom, you can work in the IT sector) implemented since 2016. It was created in order to charm away the IT sector and to show that women have an important role to play in the area of new technologies, but also to demonstrate that IT is a broad industry.

As part of #MamoPracujwIT we organise educational, informational and development meetings in various cities, as well as webinars and online trainings.

We inspire by sharing success stories of women who courageously decided to re-qualify and develop their careers in the IT industry. We also promote employers who openly support women’s participation in STEM projects.

Readers of

Our Readers are mothers looking for a job, working mothers, as well as women, including those planning their motherhood, who read our newsfeeds in order to consciously prepare for combining family and professional life. The activity of the portal is in line with the latest trends on the labour market.

The Readers of are women for whom professional and personal development is important. They look for hints, inspiration, job offers and arguments to talk to their employer, as well as support in setting up and developing their own business.

These are usually women with higher education, some of them are professionally inactive, due to their commitment to childcare. They are also women who already work professionally, but continue to look for something for themselves and want to develop their skills. The group of women aged 24-34 is the largest group of about 53% of our Readers, followed by groups aged 35-44 and 18-23. The proportion of women aged 45+ is steadily increasing.

Social media

The involvement of social media channels helps us to be where our Readers are. We use the most popular channels: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. We are also gradually developing a series of podcasts, Facebook groups and a YouTube channel.

Our activities are followed monthly by almost 150 thousand people (January 2020), who gain knowledge and information about the latest news on the labour market, directions and ways to re-qualify, recruitment, as well as ways to maintain work-life-balance.

Founders & Community & Team

The Mamo Pracuj was established in 2011 by two friends Agnieszka Czmyr-Kaczanowska and Joanna Gotfryd, mothers of 4 children, who have always wanted to find work-life balance and show other mums in Poland that family life can go together with a successful professional life.

Agnieszka Czmyr-Kaczanowska and Joanna Gotfryd

8 years ago, we joined our forces to find a solution for combining family and professional life, to be simultaneously an effective, satisfied employee and a happy mother. That is why we attract other women who have become a strong mutually supportive community and, at the same time, an attractive source of new job applicants.

We create a committed community of women supporting each other and recommending to one another interesting employers and their job offers. Thanks to this, we meet the biggest challenges of the labour market.

In 2020 The Mamo Pracuj Foundation is a Parent Friendly Employer, being flexible workplace for a great team of 8 mothers (having 18 children).

Members of the Mamo Pracuj Team in 2018


For more information please do not hesitate to contact us:

Agnieszka Czmyr-Kaczanowska [email protected]

Joanna Gotfryd [email protected]

Photos: Magdalena Trebert, Alina Gamza, Piotr Mleczko

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Redakcja portalu Mamo Pracuj

Courses, mentoring and funds – empowering women in business in XXI century

Research of World Bank and other organisations shows that investing in women just pays off! That is why initiatives such as Goldman Sachs 10.000 Women programme can help us recover from the economic crisis and reducing existing inequalities. We talk about free online business education courses for women entrepreneurs with Charlotte Keenan from Goldman Sachs. Find out more about the programme!
  • Agnieszka Kaczanowska - 12/08/2020

Charlotte, if you were to say – in one sentence, why it is worth to participate in 10,000 Women business course, what would it be?

It is challenging to summarize the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women program in one line! The main goal is to encourage ambitious women business leaders, to work on their companies and take their businesses to the next level. The course itself is just the beginning of the learners’ journey with us. Once it’s finished, the participants join an extensive network of like-minded, ambitious women entrepreneurs – the 10,000 Women Alumni Community, which offers them wide possibilities for continuous learning and for developing valuable relations with one another

Asahi Pompey, global head of Corporate Engagement and president of the Goldman Sachs Foundation oraz Charlotte Keenan, head of the Office of Corporate Engagement’s international

Tell me more about the Goldman Sachs initiative – 10,000 Women. What is its purpose? Where does the idea come from to start a course for all women in different parts of the world who want to improve their business skills? Where did the name of the programme come from? Why 10,000 Women?

Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women is a global initiative that supports economic development by offering a world-class education in business and management for enterprising women all over the world, with ongoing opportunities for mentoring and network development. It also provides greater access to capital. The program stems from our belief that developing enterprising and managerial talents in women, especially in developing and emerging economies, is one of the most important factors in reducing existing inequalities. This is also an effective way of reaching a more sustainable economic development.

The program was launched in 2008 on the back of research, including Womenomics and Women Hold Up Half the Sky, as well as data from the World Bank and others. These papers showed that investing in women can have considerable impact on GDP growth. The name 10,000 Women speaks to our original objective. When we were launching the program back in 2008, we wanted to reach 10,000 women entrepreneurs, and support their development by offering a best-in-class business education course.

Having reached this objective several years ago, we listened to the voices of the early graduates and realised that growth-focused businesswomen also need greater access to external financing. In 2014, we began a partnership with the IFC to create the Women Entrepreneurs Opportunity Facility (WEOF). This is the world’s first global financing facility intended exclusively for women. In 2018, we fully digitalised our learning program and launched it online in order to ensure an even more democratic access to our world-class business education. Finally, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we decided to make the course available to any woman entrepreneur around the world who would benefit from the learnings, including learners in Poland, free of charge.

It is very impressive! So, tell we what can be learnt by participating in the course and why are these 10 areas are included in it? And who are the course authors?

The 10,000 Women program is actually a collection of 10 separate online courses, each of them focusing on a selected key business area. The learning program was written by leading university experts in entrepreneurship. Its scope covers all elements needed to develop business skills and be a better leader, regardless of one’s industry. It’s all here – from capital raising to sales, marketing and management. The course is very interactive and practical. It consists of many components such as mock negotiations, learning how to complete a funding application, mapping competitors and identifying your competitive advantages.

How much time is needed for each course? And how long does it take on average to go through all 10 modules?

The courses can be completed individually, in combination or all at once – you can adapt your educational path to the specific needs of your business. Each course takes in total approx. four hours – although it does not have to be completed in one take. There are no time limits, and deadlines can be flexible and adapted to unexpected scheduling changes. The courses are entirely virtual but they include highly interactive exercises and practical learnings.. Every woman who decides to complete all 10 modules also has the opportunity to develop an individual business plan to develop her company. This can be treated as a “road map” that can be immediately deployed at one’s organisation.

Charlotte Keenan

But 10,000 Women is not just a course, right? This is also female networking, mentoring. How does this actually work? And what does such international cooperation with women offer?

This is true. As I have already mentioned, the course alone is not everything. After completing all 10 modules, eligible women entrepreneurs join a community of dynamic, innovative and enterprising women from around the world. We have been providing ongoing support to this community for over a decade.

Being a 10,000 Women graduate paves the way for further growing your business. It also means access to additional learning resources and materials that will help in becoming a better leader. Let’s take the past six months as an example. Throughout the pandemic, we were in constant contact with this global community of graduates, sharing expert knowledge and content from Goldman Sachs and our university partners. With this, we were able to quickly gather a rich resource of know-how, advice and information related to dealing with the existing conditions and businesses’ related needs. This includes thematic webinars regarding current challenges, such as how to build an online presence and effectively manage an organisation in times of crisis.

Throughout the world, we provided hundreds of small-business leaders with individual coaching by getting them in touch with Goldman Sachs employees who have appropriate skills and knowledge that make it possible to help businesses in overcoming the exceptional challenges they are facing.

Aside from support in the current crisis, graduates also have access to a range of resources and events that can help them to develop their business. These include networking events, additional training, live webinars with experts, newsletters and the latest news from the 10,000 Women team. The program’s graduates have also participated in events organised all over the world by Goldman Sachs and had an opportunity to meet other business leaders. There are also opportunities to participate in further coaching and training programs, including the annual Growth Fellowship – a prestigious week-long scholarship program intended to support further business development and help in enhancing business skills.

On behalf of many women in Poland who sometimes speak English well, but are afraid of courses and trainings in this language, I would like to ask about its difficulty level. Can they be afraid that the course will be too difficult to understand? I have seen that women from all over the world take part in it, so maybe it is not too complicated at all?

Precisely what you just said – the course should not be too complicated for participants for whom English is not a native language. When we created the course, we wanted it to be accessible for such people. This goal has always been a top priority in creating training materials. This is why I encourage every woman who is fluent in English, whether in Poland or elsewhere, to sign up for the course.

Asahi Pompey, global head of Corporate Engagement and president of the Goldman Sachs Foundation oraz Charlotte Keenan, head of the Office of Corporate Engagement’s international

In which countries the programme is available? And why in Poland?

We are aware of the problems currently faced by entrepreneurs around the world due to the ongoing crisis, and we want to help them. This is why we have made the 10,000 Women courses available to any entrepreneur around the world who may benefit, for free. Because the crisis is global, so is our offering.

I would also like to add that 10,000 Women is a fully flexible online educational program – participants can select areas that most closely correspond to their business needs. They can also go through each course at their own pace. This way, the courses are more accessible, there are no barriers or restrictions for the participants, who have to deal with a range of different priorities, whether personal or professional. We know that entrepreneurs all over the world are having trouble overcoming these difficulties – the course is intended to help women who run a business, also in Poland.

Is there anything more, a message, you’d like to share?

Certainly. In 2008, the world faced a tremendous financial crisis, which caused serious economic and social problems. What is exceptional about the current crisis is the fact that it has greatly influenced the way we function every day. In the longer perspective, it is widely expected that remote work and telecommuting will now become a dominant model of professional life.

It should be added that in the case of both of the crises, small businesses around the world were among those who suffered the most. They need all kinds of support. In this context, an online learning opportunity and access to resources are more important to entrepreneurs than at any time in the past. And our response to these needs was to make the 10,000 Women courses available to all entrepreneurs.

Thank you very much!

Let’s check the opportunity and join the course:

Charlotte Keenan is a head of the Office of Corporate Engagement’s international at Goldman Sachs

Photos: Goldman Sachs

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Agnieszka Kaczanowska
Współzałożycielka, od dziesięciu lat rozwija swoje umiejętności łączenia życia rodzinnego i zawodowego i nawet jej to wychodzi! Lubi wyzwania i cieszy ją kiedy pracodawcy znajdują świetnych pracowników. Mama wesołej trójki, żona i miłośniczka kotów. 

Małopolska Tarcza Antykryzysowa – wsparcie dla Fundacji Mamo Pracuj

Fundacja Mamo Pracuj została objęta wsparciem w ramach Małopolskiej Tarczy Finansowej.
  • Redakcja portalu Mamo Pracuj - 16/07/2020

Fundacja Mamo Pracuj uczestniczy w projekcie realizowanym przez Województwo Małopolskie – Małopolskie Centrum Przedsiębiorczości „Małopolska Tarcza Antykryzysowa – pakiet przedsiębiorczość”, którego celem jest udzielenie wsparcia poszkodowanym przez COVID-19 przedsiębiorcom z sektora MŚP z województwa małopolskiego.

Projekt jest współfinansowany przez Unię Europejską ze środków Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego w ramach Regionalnego Programu Operacyjnego Województwa Małopolskiego na lata 2014-2020.

Fundacja otrzymała grant w wysokości: 27 000 PLN.

Pieniądze z grantu wykorzystamy na przygotowanie nowych działań Fundacji, a także na podniesienie kompetencji członków naszego Zespołu. Dziękujemy!

logotypy Funduszy Europejskich
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Redakcja portalu Mamo Pracuj
Chcę otrzymywać inspiracje, pomysły i sugestie jak pracować i nie zwariować.
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