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Children at home: how to organise their time and be able to work remotely?

Are you also wondering how to survive the next few weeks? You have to work and the kids at home? Here you’ll find some inspirational ideas on how you can organise your child’s time so that you can work!

How to organise time for children and to be able to work remotely?

All parents need to face the current reality with common sense and peace of mind. It is not easy when we are daily flooded with thousands of different news and we don’t really know what is true and what is not. And the kids have to stay home!

The situation is a done deal we cannot change, so let us use this time as best we can.

See what you can offer your child when he or she needs to stay home and you need to work remotely.

Where to start?

I think it is important to prepare the child for the next 2 weeks. Talk about what is happening in the world, obviously adapting the content and message to the child’s age. Plan your work by adjusting it to the capabilities and requirements of the employer or partners.

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If possible, use the time for work when someone can take care of your child (husband, partner). It may be early morning, evening or night. If you have this opportunity, use the time to the maximum. And when things get very heated and your child needs you right this minute, while you’re still working, take a break for an hour or two. It will not be the end of the world, and you will spend time with your child and prevent a ticking bomb from exploding.

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Of course, every situation will be different, every child is different and our possibilities are different, but it is worth to be inspired! Children at home – it’s also an opportunity to discover new possibilities, get to know each other, talk to one another and make up for all the things we’ve been missing out on.

1. Home school

Establish rules for the home school (if you have school children) and hang them on the fridge. An example of one of our friends who has 2 school-aged daughters: each girl has 2×30 minutes of self-study (school material) every day, 2×30 minutes of reading, 1 hour of creative manual play time, they have to make sure to do it. In addition, 30 minutes of house chores assigned by parents. And of course there’s time for electronics, but first they have to do at least 2 points from their assigned duties. And there’s a checklist who has already done what. And a list for 2 weeks.

2. Reading corner

Books. This option is always useful in moments when there seems to be too much time. If you have paper books, that’s perfect. There’s finally time for that. If you don’t have many books at home, you can always find e-books or audiobooks. If you have kids of different ages, then the older one can read to the younger one.

3. Mobile and computer apps

This is a great alternative for preschool and school children. We can choose from a wide range of educational apps that our darlings can use.

My older son downloaded an app for learning English and uses it together with his younger brother: the older one pronounces a word in English and the younger one repeats, while looking at the pictures on the screen.

4. Older siblings taking care of and playing with the younger

This is a wonderful solution when you have a few children at home, including an older one, who would come up with an idea for playing with their younger siblings. It could be helping them to learn reading, or playing hide and seek together. Sometimes the kids will surprise us with their ideas and we will gain some time for our own activities.

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5. Lego

Lego can be absolutely addictive. If your child likes building things, this is a good way to spend his or her time. I used to have a little box of Legos to put together. I would just give it to my kids in situations when most ideas didn’t spark their interest. And thus I managed to gain some time.

6. Films, cartoons

This is a good alternative, but of course the kids would like to spend more time in front of the screen than their parents would like them to. That’s why it’s worth to set a limit and choose interesting titles together. We have so many choices now that we can’t complain. There’s YouTube, Netflix. These can be nature films, family movies, or just cartoons.

7. Games, puzzles

All kids of games: board games, computer programmes. If we have siblings at home, there will surely be games they like to play. We have a whole list of interesting board games for you. There are probably puzzles in every house, or toys in the attic. It is worth rediscovering old toys. When it comes to electronic games it is advisable to set a limit.

8. Building a hideout

It’s a very cool idea that can keep your kids entertained for half a day. Pull out all the blankets, big towels, maybe some curtains that are at the bottom of your wardrobe and give it to your kids. You’ll see what kind of hiding place they come up with. Let them take your bed cover, pillows and even some snacks. And then they’ll sit there and invite you to their kingdom. Building is time-consuming so use the time you’ve gained well.

9. Playing shop and/or restaurant

A great option and also very absorbing game. See how much time it takes to prepare the articles for sale, laying them out on the shelves, and getting the price list ready. And then you can take a break and come over for coffee and cheesecake. And your child will practice communication, mathematics and learn about the way the store functions.

10. Creative fun

Let each child make, for example, a moneybox, a photo frame, a box for trinkets, or his/her own story book. You suggest an art workshops, a fashion competition, a theatre, word games, e.g. a word domino or tick-tack-toe. Or maybe there is something you never had time for and now you can do it!

I think that every parent has a lot of creativity and will come up with games suitable for their child’s age and needs, which will allow him or her to work and not go crazy. And children at home will not get bored.

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