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Fearless Together #empower your career in finance. We are launching a new project!

Would you like to develop your career path in the world of finance? Do you study finance or already have professional experience in this area and strive for more? Would you like to feel confident at job interviews? Do you need empowerment and support to spread your wings? Apply for the Fearless Together project!

Fearless Together career in finance

Fearless Together #empower your career in finance

Thinking about courage, many of us picture greatness and muscle strength of a superhero, someone who marches forward without looking back. But today, I encourage you to see the courage, strength, and invincibility embodied in the figure of a fearless girl who carries with her the message of power that lies in the gender diversity.

It was the statue of the Fearless Girl that inspired us to create a program empowering women who want to develop in the world of finance, in a world full of challenges. We invite you on a journey where we fill face these challenges together and will overcome fear together. And it’s not about having no fear, but rather about acting despite the fear.?

If you don’t know how to go about your new professional search, but you feel that your time has come – the time to spread your wings in the world of finance, the time to take care of your professional career, we invite you to join our program, Fearless Together #empower your career in finance.

Fill out the form and apply today!

In cooperation with State Street Global Advisors Poland and CFA Society Poland, we have prepared a comprehensive program that will help you:

  • Gain new, in-depth knowledge about the world of finance, required for further development in this area.
  • Prepare for job interviews – we are planning to conduct the workshops with specific emphasis on active job search tools.
  • Create or update your application documents.
  • Raise awareness of your strengths by taking a Gallup test and attending dedicated workshops.
  • Enhance your language skills.

Does it sound rather intense? It will be! That’s why we are looking for motivated women, of Ukrainian or Polish origin who speak English at least at B2 level and are willing to invest their time and energy in their professional development.

What will you be a part of?

  • You will take a crash course in finance, “Empower Your Potential in Finance”, taught by the prestigious CFA Society Poland (the entire course will be conducted in English, minimum language proficiency required – B2 level). The participants will attend 12 modules (8 hours a day on weekends) over the course of 6 months.
  • You will improve your language skills by taking part in a specialized course.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to use mentoring services of the seasoned experts from State Street Global Advisors and State Street Bank.
  • You will take the Gallup strengths test and benefit from individual consultations or participation in group seminars.
  • You will attend the group workshops on effective job searching tools (such as CV or LinkedIn).
  • You will get free access to “Dare yourself!” online course – 6 weeks aimed to strengthen your soft skills through recorded lessons and exercises to be done on your own.
  • Last but not least, you’ll find support from other women who, together, make up a community of the fearless!

To sum it up, these comprehensive activities will increase your value at the job market!

grafika projektu

What can you expect once you fill out the application form?

After you submit your online application, we will get to work. We will review your form and if we confirm that we can meet your needs and you’re eligible for admission, we will invite you to an online interview.

We want to get to know you and your development goals and motivation.

In the 2nd half of March, we will write to all the applicants, letting them know whether they’ve been accepted into the project.

The project activities will launch on 28.03 with a stationary meeting in Krakow (we plan to reimburse the travel cost for students from outside of Krakow).

Don’t forget to read the terms and conditions! (see attached).

I am interested and would like to participate in the project!

FAQ (frequently asked questions):

What is the project’s duration?
The project lasts from March through October 2023 (please take into account the summer vacation break).

Can I take part in the project if I work?
Yes. Remember, however, that the online meetings will take place during the day, and the “Empower Your Potential in Finance” course – on selected Saturdays and Sundays, 8 hours a day, and participation in these classes is mandatory…

Is there any project free?
No. Participation in the project is free.

Do I have to be of a certain age group or nationality, to be eligible for the project?
Yes, the project is designed for women – Ukrainian and Polish nationals.

Will all the activities take place online?
The program is implemented online, except for the 1st stationary meeting in Krakow, which will take place on 28.03. We invite women from all over Poland to join the project, so we ask you to make sure you have good Internet connection, and a working microphone and camera on your laptop, tablet or phone.

If you have any questions, feel free to write to the project coordinator Marcelina: [email protected]

See you later? If so, please fill out the form!

The project “Fearless Together #empower your career in finance” is implemented and funded by State Street Global Advisors Poland and organized in cooperation with the Mamo Pracuj Foundation and CFA Society Poland. Thank you!


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