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Talent Partner

  • Wymiar czasu: niepełny
  • lokalizacja: cała Polska
  • Data ważności oferty: 15.06.2020
C2C Talent Network

The company

We’re a 4-sided marketplace and a digital media platform to help tech companies and talent talk to each other again.

We help:

  • COMPANIES – to distribute information about their jobs and build a reputation amongst tech talent. We make it possible thanks to the authentic content co-created by the engineering communities and real feedback from them
  • TECH TALENT- to get noninvasive access to relevant, insightful content from engineers working at the companies they would consider working for and discoverability of interesting jobs and companies in their areas of interest
  • COMMUNITIES – to monetize their activities through access to new revenue streams (recruitment) as well as supercharging the distribution of their existing revenue streams such as events or training
  • RECRUITERS – to have access to the most interesting jobs on the market in dynamically growing tech companies as well as fair value split, and the ability to work whenever and however they wan

We believe that tech talent is the most important natural resource essential for the growth of the economy in the 21st century. Tech talent is not dissimilar from gold or diamonds – it’s „mined” in more less fixed quantities all over the world, there are certain quantities of different quality grades available. In the last 10 years over 100 bn of value was created in the area of tools enabling remote cooperation (Zoom, Slack, Asana, Microsoft Teams, Google docs etc.), which set the scene for a much more efficient global market where tech people can easily work with companies all over the world, no matter where they’re based, creating a much more effective market. This process is only accelerated by the geopolitical trends limiting immigration. Companies like GitLab, who is a fully remote business that has grown in the last 12 months from 400 to 1100 people are pioneers of what will gradually become a new normal.

In such future, we would be making it possible for our stakeholders to:

  • COMPANIES – share information about new roles and authentic content from tech people with their peers in communities all over the world
  • TECH TALENT – have access to information about companies from domains interesting from them delivered by their peers from the companies together with a reputational scoring of the company in multiple dimensions powered by other technical people reviews
  • COMMUNITIES – bring jobs and content from the most interesting companies in the world to their communities wherever they are and make it easy to discover interesting opportunities while creating a strong revenue stream from recruitment and distribution of other products such as events or training
  • RECRUITERS – helping talent all over the world to get access to interesting roles and be fairly remunerated rather than pushing them the jobs of their clients only because that’s what you’re getting paid for

About the job

We’re looking for independent experienced tech recruiters who want to work with us remotely.

Help tech talent on C2C Talent Network to find their next job in tech
Help C2C clients to find best tech talent
Help to manage recruitment processes on C2C Talent Platform
As a Talent Partner you would:
Get access to job offers from top tech companies in Poland and Europe
Be able to share this jobs with your candidates
Introduce your candidates to the C2C platform – if they ever get a job through us you would receive a revenue share

Your ideal profile

  • You’re an experienced recruiter specializing in software engineering and data science roles
  • You work independently – as a freelancer or owner of an independent recruitment firm
  • You value your candidates and you’re focused on getting them the most interesting role possible
  • You’re entrepreneurial – you look for new ways of delivering best value for your clients and candidates
  • You don’t spam candidates – you grow and build your network step by step
  • Nice to have: If you organize or support tech meet ups it’s even better as we’re all about communities

Our offer

  • We are enabling you access to our clients from all over the world
  • We are enabling you access to candidates from our communities
  • If we** ever **get revenue thanks to the candidate you have connected with us, we will share the revenue no matter when it happens
  • We offer better revenue split then the recruitment firms

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Talent Partner

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